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Life Care Planning

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Premier Medico-Legal Consulting Services provides quality, detailed, and well researched Life Care Plans for insurance companies, attorneys, government entities, and private individuals. Life care planning relies on an interdisciplinary, collaborative, and multi-faceted approach to analyze and project future medical and psychosocial expenses of a case. Our life care plans are supported by medical and rehabilitation foundations and research, and treating and expert medical professionals are included in the development of the life care plan to ensure accurate standards of care are utilized. Each individual is seen as a person, and not a disease, injury, or illness. This promotes a comprehensive life care plan that identifies the current and long-term medical, cultural, and psychosocial needs and associated costs throughout the individual’s life expectancy.

While Life Care Plans have traditionally been used in the legal arena, they are also helpful for insurance companies who wish to calculate necessary reserves, individuals who wish to adequately allocate estate plans for a family member with disabilities, or hospital boards or entities who are managing a population under a capitated rate. No matter the reason for the report, Premier Medico-Legal Consulting Services will provide the report to promote optimal utilization of resources.